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Iowa Motorcycle Manual Online 2019

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Recent statistics reveal that the state of Iowa sees at least 53 motorcycle-related deaths per year.

Through comprehensive motorcycle education and rigorous on-cycle training, the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation hope to reduce this number and make the roads safer for motorcyclists and all other motorists.

The Class M

In Iowa, the Class M license allows individuals to operate a motorcycle on public roads and highways. In order to qualify for the Class M, individuals need to have a valid driver’s license. They will also need to pass a motorcycle knowledge test as well as a practical, on-cycle test which demonstrates their abilities.

Individuals without a valid Iowa driver’s license are required to obtain a motorcycle-only license. They will also need to successfully complete the written test for the Class C (non-commercial).

The Instruction Permit

The Department of Transportation offers a motorcycle instruction permit, which allows learners to get some on-cycle practice, with some restrictions. In order to obtain the permit, applicants must pass the written knowledge exam and pay $8 for each year the permit is valid. Instruction permits cannot be valid for more than four years and are non-renewable.

Preparing for the Exam

Whether you’re going for the Class M, the Class C or the motorcycle instruction permit, thorough preparation for the written motorcycle knowledge exam is crucial. This exam is based on the Iowa Motorcycle Operator Manual.

The IA Motorcycle Manual is divided into the following main parts:

Preparing to ride

-- How to prepare for a trip

-- Selecting the right gear

-- Checking motorcycle equipment

-- Getting familiar with the motorcycle

-- Being a responsible rider

Riding within your abilities

-- Controlling the motorcycle

-- Hazards on the road

-- Maneuvering in traffic

-- See and be seen

-- Riding in groups

-- Carrying passengers and cargo

Being in shape to ride

-- Influence of drugs and alcohol

-- Iowa driving law

-- Fatigue

Earning your license

-- Knowledge test

-- On-cycle practical skills test

Information for three-wheelers

-- Familiarity with three-wheeled vehicles

-- Vehicle control

-- Carrying passengers and cargo

Always Updating

Whether you’re a veteran rider or just a beginner, it’s important to note that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is constantly updating the Motorcycle Operator Manual. The most recent edition of the Manual has been significantly expanded to include the latest research on motorcycle safety; comments from motorcycling, licensing and traffic-safety communities; and additional information for three-wheeled vehicles.

The Iowa Motorcycle Operator Manual is available as a PDF download for free below, or from your local Department of Transportation driver’s license station.